For you,
Only the gentlest thought.

For you,
Only the purest thought.

For you,
Only the kindest thought.

You do not know

How much I protect you
even from my own mind.

How much I pray for you freedom
even from my own hands.

How much I hope for your safety
even from my own heart.

I scattered words around me

Like leaves
Like petals
Like feathers.

Softly gliding.
Gently fluttering.
Silently falling.

I said so much.
I said enough.
I said it all.

And you turned away.
And you came back.
And you turn away.
And you come back.

I read your words
I peer at your photos
I watch the space between each letter.

Like a cracked scrying glass
Like a map for this maze.
Like a faint whisper in the mist.

Like leaves,
Like petals,
Like feathers.

He loves me.
He loves me not.

He forgets me.
He forgets me not.

He breaks me.
He breaks me not.

One message,
I beam.

No message,
I scatter.

A sunflower,
I flutter.


but here.

My love,

Let me be your moonbeam,
Let me be your sunshine,
Let me be your little bird…

Like one that has forgotten how to flutter.
Like the one who has forgotten how to hope.
Like the one who has forgotten how to sing,

nestled in your chest.

If I were a bird,
you could hear me sing.

If I were a rose
You could see me bloom.

If I were the sea,
You could feel my caress

But I am only a woman,

So far away,
So so far away.

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